14th August 2015

About Rob

Handy For Homes Owner - Rob HallFor 11 years I worked in precision engineering. I worked for the same company for all off those years and, for the most part, I enjoyed my job. However, I was faced with two pay cuts in a short space of time and I began to feel hugely underappreciated by the people that I had been working so hard for. Leaving my job and setting up Handy4Homes was a huge decision for me to make, but was one I felt would not only improve the quality of my life but would give me back that sense of job satisfaction and pride that I was looking for.

10 years ago I bought my first home and spent a whole year renovating it from scratch. During that year I learnt many new skills and developed a real passion and aptitude for decorating, mending, painting, hanging, electrical work, gardening and generally just making things good! Once I had finished my own home I was often asked by friends and family to carry out odd jobs that they didn’t have the confidence or time to do themselves. Word of mouth meant that I was soon being asked for help with jobs from people that I didn’t know and this was what made me begin to think about setting up on my own and becoming a local handyman. I had found something that I loved and that I was very good at and my high standards/results meant that people were recommending me to their friends and coming back to me time and again.

There are many people in Letchworth and surrounding areas who working full time, caring for others or simply dont have the time or ability to do specific jobs. I set up Handy4Homes to help! I am trustworth (see my testimonials) and will come to your home at your convenience. I will quickly and efficiently work to provide you with high quality results at affordable prices and endeavour to always leave your home in a clean and tidy state.

I pride myself on my reliability, trustworthiness , high quality workmanship and my ability to offer customers a wide range of services at a competitive price.  No job is too small for me and I look forward to offering you advice and free estimates on any jobs that you may have.



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